Foster Opticians Contact Lens Care Plan

We offer all our patients the benefit of joining our contact lens care scheme.

Why should I join?

When you wear contact lenses it is important that your eyes are checked regularly to ensure they remain healthy and you always have the optimum lens for your eyes. As a scheme member you will receive regular checkups, as well as any interim appointments as necessary without any additional cost.

 Our scheme allows you to make regular monthly standing order payments to include aftercare, lenses and solutions if necessary. In addition there are many other benefits including:

  • discount on spectacles.
  • Routine aftercare appointments.
  • Any other checks and adjustments.

 Your monthly payment will be tailored to suit your individual needs and is dependent on the type of lenses you wear. This means that you will be only paying exactly what you need to pay to cover the goods and services you require.

By charging separately for our professional care and lenses we are able to provide you with impartial advice about your vision needs, as well as the highest standard of clinical care regardless of the products you buy.

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