We recommend an OCT Eye Scan as part of your eye examination

OCT Eye Scan

To ensure the highest quality eye care, we offer a cutting-edge OCT-3D Eye Scanner in our Barnet clinic. This advanced technology enables us to detect eye diseases in their earliest stages. The process is quick, painless, and included as part of our comprehensive ADVANCED eye examination for all patients.

Unlike a standard eye examination that only examines the top layer of your retina, our 3D OCT eye scanner utilizes a low-powered light to scan the deeper layers of retinal tissues. This allows us to identify early signs of conditions such as macular degeneration, diabetes, and macula holes. Early detection through the 3D OCT scan enables timely treatment when necessary.

Regardless of age, if recommended by your optometrist, the 3D OCT scan is an appropriate and valuable tool for your eye health.

Glaucoma Detection & Monitoring

The OCT scan provides early detection of glaucoma by measuring the thickness of nerve fibre layers, surpassing standard glaucoma checks such as visual fields and pressure assessments. Additionally, it is highly beneficial for monitoring the condition in individuals already diagnosed with glaucoma.

As glaucoma is a manageable condition, early diagnosis is crucial in preserving your vision. We recommend this test for all patients aged 40 and above, regardless of their family history of eye problems. It’s important to note that glaucoma does not cause pain or affect vision in its early stages, so it’s unwise to assume that everything is fine solely based on how your eyes feel.

Macular Degeneration

The process of ageing brings about various health challenges, including those that affect our vision. One such condition is age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which has traditionally resulted in the loss of reading ability, driving skills, and recognition of loved ones’ faces for older individuals.

Fortunately, our OCT technology allows us to detect AMD before it causes significant vision loss. In combination with new medications, we can effectively halt the progression of AMD.

By capturing a digital 3D retinal image, we create a permanent record that can be compared to previous and future visits, facilitating the identification of subtle changes in the macula. These detailed visual records surpass written descriptions in their accuracy. We highly recommend an OCT Scan for all patients at risk of macular degeneration, as it provides invaluable insights and aids in proactive management.

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Been coming here since I was about 3 years and am now 47 years old. Been a regular here since around 1983. Only in the last few days 3 has the legendary Mr Foster (MA Foster) retired and sold the practice. The new team are impressive too and invested heavily into the facilities. The same secretary (Miriam ) from the 1990's still holds the fort. The new optician Saloami is really nice and does a good eye test.The manager and head optician Agga is really something special. A lovely young lady.
Samuel Covill
Samuel Covill
22:16 04 Jan 24
Full PPI observed including distances and cleaning seats before and after use
mike moody
mike moody
00:50 19 May 21
Extremely professional and very Covid safe. Genuinely delighted to have been recommended this opticians
Nicky Gist
Nicky Gist
11:34 18 May 21
Outstanding care, professional with covid regulations followed throughout my Assessment, very caring and polite staff would highly recommend.
Nicola Bowe
Nicola Bowe
14:26 27 Feb 21
Brilliant - Been a customer here since 1978 ! Got my first glasses here when about 2 years old and am now over 40! Have not lived in New Barnet or East Barnet since 2010 but didn't want to change to an optician closer to home. Pity Mr Foster has just retired and sold the business last year so it remains to be seen how the new owners will progress but no complaints so far.
14:55 09 May 18